The Richard Peters Photo Library is predomenantly a wildlife photography commercial stock and print library that was born out of a need to offer more of his photos to private and commercial clients. Rather than overpower his long established portfolio and workshop site, which is used as a showcase of his favourite works and other services, this nature stock library is designed to complement that, providing a portal to browse and buy a larger selection his images. All of the photos are exclusive to this library and each is considered carefully, with the goal of providing a smaller collection of images that grows over time whilst retaining high quality content.



A professional photographer with a style that often favours use of light over subject when photographing wildlife. Richard is a Nikon Ambassador for the UK & ROI and has seen his work recognised internationally in the worlds most prestigious competitions, including twice in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Further to that, in 2015 he was also named the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

When he isn't behind a camera or holding workshops at home or abroad, Richard also hosts talks about his work which have included venues such as The Natural History Museum, London, and has held joint and solo exhibitions of his work from London's vibrant Brick Lane to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Richard has also donated prints to important causes, including a charity auction in Paris for the Jane Goodall Institute, and he is also one of the contributing photographers to the unprecedented Remembering Elephants book, a fund raising effort partnered with the Born Free Foundation to aid conservation efforts.

To find out more about Richard's workshops and talks or find out what he is upto in general, including on social media where he is very active, please consider visiting the following links:



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